This lush and luxuriant Kruger National Park of South Africa is a prime destination offering an exciting game drive and a lifetime experience of African Photo Safari with an array of wildlife including lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and Cape buffalos.

The local guide will take you in luxurious Land Cruiser to Africa’s KwaZulu Natal Big 5 Game Reserve to explore unique wildlife including rare rhinos and other amazing animals. You next safari cruise in fabulous ecosystem of St. Lucia Estuary will provide a wonderful opportunity of close meetup with enormous rhinos. Capture the adventurous moment in your camera and brag about the thrill of your proximity with mighty creatures.

With scenic beauty and lively culture, Kingdom of Swaziland is your next perfect destination to submerge in local culture of natives and take a detour of beautiful Swazi Village. You will be accommodated in luxurious hotels on a magnificent countryside replenishing the modern scenes from movie “Out of Africa”.

These thrilling activities of African adventure provides a lifetime experience to behold. You will be entertained by the flock of penguins as you travel to Cape Town which is one of the most beautiful city in the world. Now you’ll visit the amazing villages and fabulous vineyards of grand estates in Cape Winelands to sample South Africa’s flavorsome wines.

Your tremendous trip of Africa adventure includes all domestic flights, photo safari game trip, guides, luxury accommodations, safari river cruise, all exquisite meals and a complete tour of magical city of Cape Town. This will be your glorious 10-day African Winelands and Wildlife Photo Safari trip.

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