Fly a roundtrip to Paris and travel its lightning train to blend into beauty of countryside and flash to the gorgeous Champagne Region where you’ll lodge opulently in a remarkable chateau hotel. Your twosome can celebrate your luck with world’s finest aerated champagne on your magnificent trip to Champagne Region of France.

While you explore the beautiful Champagne Region strolling through Epernay and other enchanting villages, you’ll feel the royalty enjoying your quaint surroundings of your castle for 3 large days. You will love the experience of sampling world’s renowned aerated champagnes by dawdling the bubbly vaults of Dom Perignon which is the most famous Champagne estate.

This region is a home to some popular locations in the world where original Champagne grapes are cultivated, and a professional guide will escort you there describing about climate, rich culture, history and traditions.

Next day, you’ll be on your way back to a glittering and thrilling metropolis. Make the dream come true by dawdling the elegant Champs-Elysees and devouring some delicious brownies and sipping your favorite coffee in exquisite barista café. On a blessed day, you will be taken to popular attractions like Arch Triomphe, Notre Dame and Eiffel Tower where you will devour a scrumptious feast.

Then you’ll be headed to River Seine before you belly-land on your comfy bed in a luxury hotel. Be it a food, fashion or fun, Paris is a gem of a city on planet, and you’ll have a wealth of time to explore the greatest out of it. Your glamorous trip of a week includes a roundtrip air ticket, a high-speed rail roundtrip, chateaux hotel.

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