The world is slowly opening again and that means travel is back on. We have waited long enough to get out there and explore and the time is finally here. But traveling now is not the same as 3 years ago. We can’t just choose a country, book a flight, and go.

There is a lot more research required now when it comes to COVID and country restrictions. The situation we are experiencing is always changing and with that comes regulations that are updated constantly, almost daily.

This can be overwhelming for someone trying to plan a trip. We wanted to create this guide to easy your mind as you start to plan your next getaway.

1- Choose a Destination and Research It

This first step is critical to the rest of your trip planning. Start by picking a few destinations at first just in case one country has more restrictions in place. Once you have a destination in mind, visit the U.S government website and search for your preferred country for the most accurate and updated information. This website provides clear information regarding:

  • Testing Requirements
  • Vaccination Requirements
  • Entry and Exit Requirements
  • Movement bans within the country
  • And more!


Here you will also find links to region and city specific website. You want to check these to see the individual travel bans that are in place for those locations. You don’t want to arrive somewhere and not be able to explore their restaurants, bars, museums and other tourist attractions.

2- Book Your Trip

Once you have researched your destination and have made sure that you are clear to travel there, the next thing you want to do is book your trip. This includes booking your flight, hotels, and car rental if needed.

One thing that is different now with covid is the need for making reservation in advance for certain tourist spots. If you are looking to visit museums, palaces, or any attraction indoors. Most places will require you to book your tickets in advance. On top of this, make sure you check their indoor mask and vaccination policy.

We advise people to consider getting travelers insurance to ensure they can receive their money back or be covered if they get covid before or after their trip.

3- Preparing for your trip

Now your trip is finally coming up and you are staring to pack your bags! Just like we all do before a trip we make sure we have our essential documents needed for travel. But with COVID there are some new things we need to remember. This includes masksvaccine cardcovid test (if necessary), and entry documents.

Some countries require you to fill out passenger locator forms which may need to be presented at the airport. If that is the case, make sure you have all the documents you need to have a stress-free travel day.

Get back out there!

We hope this comprehensive guide helps you ease the nerves associated with traveling during covid. It can be overwhelming planning a trip during this time, but we want to make it simple for you. Just remember to always start with research before booking anything and once you are certain, start buying. Then once your trip is near, make sure you have all required documents with you. The return to normalcy is slow but don’t let that stop you from exploring what’s out there!

Author: Stephanie Figueroa

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